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Driver unharmed after vehicle drops into sinkhole in Brooklyn Park

Car headfirst in sinkhole
Brooklyn Park police said a woman was not even injured even though her car starting falling into a sinkhole that formed following a water main break on Friday.
Susan Anderson

Clean-up continued in a Brooklyn Park neighborhood Saturday after a water main break created a large sinkhole Friday afternoon. 

A driver of a vehicle was unharmed after the car sunk into the sinkhole near the intersection of 79th Avenue and Shingle Creek Drive. The driver of the vehicle told police she was at a stop sign at the intersection when the front end of the vehicle began to sink. She escaped from the vehicle. 

Sinkhole surrounds car
A crew works to create pull a car from a sinkhole that formed following a water main break in Brooklyn Park on Friday, May 26, 2023. The driver was not injured.
Susan Anderson

It continued to sink as the rushing water eroded the road base. Crews from Brooklyn Park Operations & Maintenance personnel came out to shut off the water.

Water service has been shut off to some homes in the area. It could take until Sunday before the intersection is reopened. No one else was injured.

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