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Stone Arch Bridge visitors enjoy last weekend before repairs commence

A view of the bridge.
The Stone Arch Bridge is shown on the last day before the temporary closure of the Stone Arch Bridge Saturday.
Nicole Neri for MPR News

The historic Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis closes for repairs starting early Monday. With clear skies and warmer weather, many visitors on Saturday enjoyed their last crossings for a while.

“I’m going to miss the bridge,” said Randa Larsen, who lives in the adjacent Mill District neighborhood. She runs and walks across the pedestrian and bike bridge several times a week with her dog.

People dance during a bachelorette party holding umbrellas.
Bridesmaids dance during a bachelorette party for Amy Gravdahl as Bridge Band MSP plays the Friends theme song for them on Saturday the last weekend before the temporary closure of the Stone Arch Bridge.
Nicole Neri for MPR News

Closures are planned for the next two summers, with plans to close half the bridge at a time through spring 2026. Crews will repair mortar, rocks and stone on the 141-year-old structure. Once a railway bridge, it’s now part of the St. Anthony Heritage Trail, marking an area known for centuries as an important spiritual site.

The closure of the Stone Arch Bridge’s east half — the St. Anthony Main side — is set for 5 a.m. on Monday.

Nearby resident Catherine Matson says it's a shame the bridge is closing just as warm weather arrives. She’s been taking daily walks with her newborn daughter.

“I love walking across the bridge because it's just such a beautiful view. And also, it's something to do with my maternity leave,” Matson said with a laugh.

Gemechu Berga strolled up and down the bridge with a friend. He said he visits often because it helps him relax, but he doesn’t mind the closure.

"I’m a little grateful because I think that it’s good to take care of the things that are important to your city," Berga said. “So if it allows us to enjoy it more, then I think that's a good thing.”

To cross the Mississippi River, MnDOT suggests pedestrians and cyclists use the newly reopened Third Avenue Bridge just northwest of the Stone Arch Bridge.

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