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What’s with all the speeding?

Speeding reached record highs in 2020 and high speeds continued through the start of this year. What have you been seeing? Share your experience to help inform an upcoming report.

Who’s your go-to outdoor tour guide?

Trail volunteers pause to find the trail.
Who do you go to when you want to see something new in the great outdoors?
Derek Montgomery for MPR News File

As you make plans to get outside with your family and friends this summer we're hoping you can help others get out, too! We're looking for Minnesota's best tour guides. Nominate someone who guides visitors wisely and with humor through any of the many wonders of our fair state. No tour is too big or too small! No tour is too obscure or too grand! Tell us about your go-to guide by emailing us at and we may feature them in our upcoming programming

Latino Minnesotans: What issues are important to you?

Please share what you care about as we get ready for a new year. Your answers will help raise the voice of the Latino community in Minnesota and we’ll use your answers to help us do better reporting for Latinos in the state. Find more information and the full survey here.

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