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Counter Stories: Counter Stories react to 3 shootings that left 3 dead

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Reacting to three shootings that left three men dead within a 9 hour period, St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell is calling for a “full department mobilization,” including beefing up patrols citywide. But is more police the answer.

The Counter Stories team looks at the impact of gun violence on families and the community.

We take a look at how some cities are trying to rebuild trust in communities by starting at the neighborhood level with community policing programs. But does a program that moves away from police tactics of stops and seizures lead to less crime ?

The Counter Stories hosts for this episode are:

  • Hlee Lee, owner of “the other media group”

  • Luz Maria Frias, executive coach and race equity strategist

  • Anthony Galloway, executive director of the ARTS-Us Center for the African Diaspora

  • Don Eubanks, associate professor at Metropolitan State University and cultural consultant

  • Brandt Williams, reporter and correspondent at MPR News