Counter Stories®

Discussions on race, identity, social justice and culture in a region grappling with demographic changes. With Anthony Galloway, Luz Maria Frias, Don Eubanks and Hlee Lee.

Counter Stories: Native Americans celebrate significant wins
The past few weeks have been filled with significant news for Native Americans. The hosts of Counter Stories talk with Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan and Director of Tribal State Relations Patina Park about what it means for Minnesota.
Counter Stories: Calling out racism, and calling in with love
Regardless of the color of your skin, it's likely you're talking about race with friends and family. And that can lead to some uncomfortable conversations.
Counter Stories: Amid global pandemic, racism survives and thrives
The co-hosts of Counter Stories look at two recent deaths that underscore ongoing disparities. Plus a conversation about what it’s like to be an unauthorized immigrant during the global pandemic.
Counter Stories: COVID-19 is hitting communities of color hard
Whether it's the illness itself, the racism that comes with it, or the unsafe conditions for workers now deemed essential, the coronavirus is exacerbating racial injustices.
Counter Stories: When probation leads to prison
Close to 100,000 Minnesotans are on probation, some of them for sentences of 20 or 30 years. And simple technical violations — such as missing a meeting with their parole officer — could land them back in prison.
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