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Counter Stories: In the wake of George Floyd's death - grieving, healing and rebuilding

Counter Stories looks at the efforts of community leaders to rebuild their community in the midst of ongoing trauma.

Protesters with signs in Duluth
Helina Witherspoon (bottom, Black Lives Matter sign), Zoe Nonnemacher (left, arm raised) and Chassidy Wilkins (right, above Helina) take part in a protest over the killing of George Floyd Saturday, May 30 at the civic center in Duluth, Minn. Over 1,000 people gathered at the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial in downtown Duluth and marched to the Duluth Civic Center to protest the death of George Floyd.
Derek Montgomery for MPR News

The protesters on the front lines working for meaningful change are still dealing with the trauma of witnessing the killing of George Floyd while in police custody.

Added to that, in recent days they've head to deal with both a militarized police force and white supremacists invading their neighborhoods.

Now communities of color are working to the point of exhaustion - and beyond - to create new infrastructures to replace the local grocery stores and pharmacies that were damaged or destroyed.

And the people heading up most of these efforts are black women - a group that has suffered so much, and is perpetually under supported.

We talk about the best ways to lift up and sustain the efforts of black women and others who are leading the way forward.

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