Counter Stories: COVID-19 is hitting communities of color hard

Whether it's the illness itself, the racism that comes with it, or the unsafe conditions for workers now deemed essential, the coronavirus is exacerbating racial injustices.

The hosts of Counter Stories talk on a zoom call
The coronavirus may be keeping our hosts apart, but it won’t stop the conversations. Producer Jo Erickson (top left), and co-hosts Hlee Lee, Marianne Combs, Luz Maria Frias (bottom left) and Anthony Galloway create the show while staying at home.
Screenshot by Hlee Lee

On this episode of Counter Stories:

Early data suggests black people are contracting and dying of COVID-19 at a much higher rate than the rest of the population. We look at the history behind health disparities in the African American community, and how those disparities are making them more vulnerable today.

Plus misinformation about the coronavirus has fueled a wave of racist attacks on Asian Americans. Counter Stories host Hlee Lee shares how glares and verbal abuse from strangers have driven her family to find alternative ways to shop for food.

Meanwhile, all of our hosts are working to dispel myths about the pandemic that are circulating in their communities and on social media.

And, the pandemic has revealed that many jobs typically filled by immigrants are actually essential to keeping the country running. But few workers are getting the protective gear they need to keep themselves safe.

Today’s hosts are:

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