Deal or no deal? What’s next for Boris Johnson and Brexit?

A man waves both a Union flag and a European flag together
A man waves both a Union flag and a European flag together on College Green outside The Houses of Parliament at an anti-Brexit protest in 2016.
Justin Tallis | AFP | Getty Images

Members of Parliament shut down British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's no-deal Brexit proposal. In response, Johnson suspended Parliament for five weeks.

A Scottish court has ruled that maneuver unconstitutional, and the British Supreme Court is scheduled to take up the matter next week. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom’s deadline to leave the European Union is Oct. 31.

Speaking in Rotherham last Friday, Johnson said he remained confident he could make a deal happen. “We are working incredibly hard to get a deal. There is the rough shape of the deal to be done,” he said.

MPR News’ Euan Kerr, filling in for host Kerri Miller, spoke with NPR’s foreign correspondent Frank Langfitt and journalist Lesley Riddoch about the latest Brexit news.


Frank Langfitt, NPR foreign correspondent in London

Lesley Riddoch, an award-winning journalist who writes regularly for the Scotsman, the Sunday Post and The Guardian

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