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National Geographic’s Cory Richards on climbing Mount Everest, photography and mental health

Call to Mind is an MPR content initiative around issues of mental health.
Call to Mind is an MPR content initiative to inform and mobilize new conversations about mental health.

National Geographic photographer Cory Richards is one of the greatest living climbers in the world, he’s survived an avalanche and has climbed Mount Everest three times. On one of these expeditions, Richards documented his journey on Snapchat, on another he made it to the top with no oxygen support.

Life wasn’t always this simple for Richards. He was a high school dropout, who, to this day, struggles with mental health issues. It was his love of photography and lust for adventure, which led him on a journey to the top of Mount Everest and, ultimately, a better understanding of himself.

MPR News’ Kerri Miller spoke with National Geographic photojournalist Cory Richards about his expedition of Mount Everest, his thirst for adventure and mental health.

Editor’s note (Oct. 31, 2019): This conversation was put on hold in order to cover the U.S. House formal impeachment inquiry vote. This conversation was aired on Monday, December 2nd.

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This reporting is part of Call To Mind, MPR | APM’s initiative to foster new conversations about mental health.

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