In her memoir, ‘Blood,’ Allison Moorer seeks wholeness after a traumatic childhood

'Blood, a Memoir' by Allison Moorer
'Blood, a Memoir' by Allison Moorer
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Singer-songwriter Allison Moorer was just 14 when her father killed her mother and then turned his gun on himself. Allison and her older sister, Shelby, were orphaned in an instant. They had witnessed – and sometimes been the victims of – years of abuse at the hands of their father. But they were left with more questions than answers, a gaping soul wound that didn’t stop bleeding, even though they rarely talked about it publicly.

That changed last year, when Moorer published a memoir and companion album, both called “Blood.” Thursday, we’ll play a recorded conversation between Moorer and Kerri Miller. It is heartbreaking, thoughtful and lyrical – a story of pain and love and acceptance. Moorer says writing the book helped her see the childhood trauma for what it really was begin to set it down. “I just want to see the gifts in it all,” she told Miller, “which is realizing that I can heal from my own trauma.”


  • Allison Moorer, singer/songwriter and author of the new memoir “Blood”

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