What can dogs teach us about aging?

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New research on how dogs age could help us understand how humans can age better.
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Many dog owners get to enjoy knowing their pet from puppyhood to maturity. Turns out, that life cycle also has a lot to teach us. 

New research that looks at how dogs age finds parallels between dogs and their human companions. For example, dogs are squirrelly when they are young and calm as they enter midlife. Changes to canine DNA mirror the changes in our own. 

Could our best friends teach us how to age better — and maybe even live longer?

Wednesday at 9 a.m., MPR News host Kerri Miller got some answers from the team at the Dog Aging Project.


  • Daniel Promislow is co-director of the Dog Aging Project and a biologist at the University of Washington.

  • Kellyn McNulty is a veterinarian and researcher with the Dog Aging Project.

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