Phil Klay's new book examines the globalization of violence

Phil Klay’s book, “Missionaries”
Phil Klay’s much-anticipated second book, “Missionaries,” examines the interconnectedness of wars and the globalization of violence.
Book cover courtesy of Penguin Random House | Author photo by Hannah Dunphy

Marine Corps veteran Phil Klay won the National Book Award in 2014 for his first book, “Redeployment,” a collective of stories that emerged from his service in the Iraq War.

His much-anticipated second release came out in October, and once again, he uses his military experience to inform the story. “Missionaries” is a novel that follows the lives of four characters leading up to a pivotal year in Colombia, and uses that backdrop to examine the system of counterterrorism warfare the United States has developed and exported worldwide.

Listen to host Kerri Miller talk to Klay about his book, about how wars end and the distortion of patriotism.


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