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MPR News launches North Star Journey, a journal exploring the history and culture of Minnesota communities

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MPR News presents North Star Journey
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Minnesota doesn't have just one story or one history. It never has. Minnesota's stories are a constellation of experiences, histories, moments and journeys that shape our lives today. Many of these stories are difficult to hear and untold. Others are beautiful and heroic. MPR News wants to share some of them with you in our new reporting project, North Star Journey

Across our newsroom, we'll be deeply investing in reporting on the history and culture that make up diverse communities across our state. We are focused on providing solutions, as well as celebrating stalwarts who are driving them, and not just pointing out the problems.

MPR News staff is working to get to the root of the issues and to present a spectrum of narratives. We'll bring these stories to you on-air and online, via podcast and video, in long form and short form. However you want to hear them.

North Star Journey is a celebration of communities in Minnesota and the champions who are doing the work that we should be bringing a voice to. We hope to bring new understandings of our state and what brought us to today. 

This activity is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.
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