Early Risers: Waking up to racial equity in early childhood

Early Risers Season 2
Early Risers Season 2

George Floyd’s murder was a tragedy and a wake-up call that sparked a global racial reckoning. And for more than two years, our young children have been watching it all.

So how do we help them make sense of what they’re seeing and hearing?

In this one-hour special from the team behind Early Risers, host Dianne Haulcy gives listeners practical tips and insights from a variety of early childhood experts about how to talk with very young children about race and racism.

Editor’s Note: This is a special broadcast episode of the Early Risers podcast, which is a co-production of Minnesota Public Radio and Little Moments Count. Early Risers delivers frank facts, engaging stories and practical tips for anyone who cares about raising children with a clear-eyed understanding of cultural differences, race and implicit bias.

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