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Conversations about life in Minnesota and how the state is changing, weekdays at 9 a.m. Call us at 651-227-6000.

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Power Pairs: Listen to a new series featuring prominent Minnesotans in a close relationship. Maybe they're siblings, a married couple or best friends. You may know of them separately but they reveal a whole new side of themselves when Angela Davis sits them down together. Listen to the interviews here.

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Why postpartum depression and other perinatal mood disorders so often go untreated
MPR News host Angela Davis and her guests talked about why perinatal mood disorders are so common, and the barriers that keep many new parents from seeking and receiving the help they need.
Power Pair: Brothers Anton Treuer and David Treuer on writing and Ojibwe culture
MPR News host Angela Davis talks with brothers Anton Treuer and David Treuer about their latest books, reclaiming Ojibwe culture and growing up together on the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota.  
Financial advice for new grads in Minnesota
MPR News host Angela Davis talked with two financial experts about financial advice for students who are leaving high school or college and starting in their first jobs.
Why we feel connected to celebrities we’ve never met
MPR News host Angela Davis talked with two psychotherapists about parasocial relationships — one-sided connections that someone develops with a celebrity, fictional character or prominent figure that they don’t know in real life.
Talking Sense: Skills for disagreeing respectfully across political divides
Have you ever had a political conversation that ended in yelling, tense silence or hurt feelings? The latest episode in the MPR News Talking Sense series brings you skills for listening across political divides and sharing your own opinions in a way that another person might hear — even if they disagree.
Catholic Charities CEO Michael Goar on the importance of home
MPR News host Angela Davis talks with Catholic Charities president and CEO Michael Goar about his remarkable journey from an orphanage in South Korea to leading a nonprofit organization that provides services and shelter to people experiencing homelessness.
Should families and schools restrict smartphones?
Are smartphones and social media making kids distracted and anxious? MPR News correspondent and guest host Catharine Richert talks with lawmakers, parents and students about when kids should get a smartphone and why some schools are restricting them.
Stroke signs and symptoms, and the long road to recovery
May is National Stroke Awareness Month. MPR News host Angela Davis talked about what to look for — because a stroke is an emergency, and the minutes and hours count.  
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