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Minnesota Uber/Lyft Drivers Association discusses likely postponement of rideshare ordinance

Two people celebrate
Minnesota Uber/Lyft Drivers Association (MULDA) president Eid Ali (right) and Mohamed Said celebrate as the Minneapolis City Council votes to override Mayor Jacob Frey’s veto on an ordinance that will raise pay and increase protections for drivers during a special meeting in the Minneapolis Public Service Center on March 14.
Ben Hovland | MPR News

The Minneapolis City Council is considering delaying the start date of new policies on rideshare driver pay. A vote in Thursday’s council meeting could postpone the proposed ordinance to July 1 from May 1, 2024.

Eid Ali, president of the Minnesota Uber/Lyft Drivers Association (MULDA), has been following the issue since the new ordinance was proposed. He joined MPR News guest host Emily Reese to share what he’s hearing from rideshare drivers in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis City Council will vote to extend their requirement for minimum pay for rideshare on Thursday, April 11.

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