'It could just sweep us away': This school is on the front lines of climate change
Climate change is an everyday reality for students and teachers living in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. At one school, they are trying to learn more about the forces that could upend their lives.
People here live in complete darkness for 2.5 months. Here's how they do it
On a cluster of islands between Norway and the North Pole, everyone wears headlamps for two-and-a-half months out of the year because it's pitch black outside. This weekend, the darkness begins.
Here's what's at stake in Monday's meeting between Biden and China's Xi Jinping
The meeting at the G20 in Indonesia will be their first in person since President Biden took office. Whether they can find common ground is a key question, and reflects the current state of relations.
Do wealthy countries owe poorer ones for climate change? One country wrote up a bill
At global climate negotiations, developing countries say they're being devastated by a problem they didn't cause. So they're looking for compensation for the losses and damage from climate change.
Russia says it's withdrawing troops from key Ukrainian city
 Russia’s military has announced that it’s withdrawing from a key Ukrainian city and nearby areas. That would be one of the most significant and humiliating setbacks for Moscow’s forces in the 8-month-old war.