Russians keep pressure on Mariupol; massive convoy breaks up
Satellite photos show that a massive Russian convoy that had been mired outside the Ukrainian capital since last week has split up and fanned out into towns and forests, with artillery pieces moved into firing positions.
Vice President Harris is going to Poland after the U.S. rejected fighter jet offer
Poland offered to stage fighter jets for Ukraine on a U.S. base in Germany. The Pentagon said that wasn't tenable. It all happened the day before Vice President Harris left for Warsaw.
Suffering goes on in encircled Mariupol as evacuation fails
Corpses lie in the streets of Mariupol. Hungry people break into stores in search of food and melt snow for water. Thousands huddle in basements, trembling at the sound of Russian shells pounding this strategic port city.
Russia's invasion puts a new light on Trump's Ukraine pressure campaign
With Russia's brutal invasion and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy being hailed as a hero, Trump's infamous 2019 call to Zelenskyy is put into a very different light.