The Friday Follow: Donna Gabaccia
Farmers' markets tell us something about our changing food tastes and about the different cultures thriving in new places.
Walking the Pembina Trail
A Minnesota man plans to mark the state's 150th birthday by walking 400 miles with an ox and cart.
The Commonweal unveils a new theater
For 19 seasons the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro has performed in a small, cinder-block former movie house. Now the regional theater is opening a new, $3.5 million building, and looking to the future.
How to fix a broken neighborhood
Fireworks displays both unite and divide neighborhoods. Former Utne Reader editor Jay Walljasper talks about why some neighborhoods seem to resolve problems and others have trouble doing so.
Fireworks always getting fancier
July 4 fireworks displays will be held all over the state of Minnesota, and they seem to get more elaborate every year.
Fiddler explores music to die for
Hardanger fiddle music is not exactly a chart topper in this country. Even so, a Minneapolis musician is devoting her life to helping audiences appreciate the centuries-old Norwegian musical tradition. Karen Torkelson Solgard is also giving the music an unmistakable American accent.
Daniel Myrick looks for some "Believers"
Daniel Myrick caused a media sensation in 1999 when he and some friends created "The Blair Witch Project." Now he has a new movie "Believers," which gets its world premiere tonight in St Paul.
Another legislative session over, another ATV law on the books
There are more than a quarter-million all-terrain vehicles in Minnesota. Lawmakers have been haggling for years to figure out where those machines can and can't go on state lands. This past legislative session produced another set of new laws designed to reign in ATV use.
Fishing for anglers
Fishing and Minnesota have been synonymous for as long as anyone can remember. But fishing organizations and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are worried that fewer young people are fishing.
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