You may have thought after a wet month of May that you'd be free and clear from watering. Not so, says Midmorning's Garden Guru.
Just about anyone could derive a bit of enjoyment from gazing at a grosbeak or checking out cardinal, but there are some people who actually engage in bird watching competitively. They strive to outdo one another, each trying to spot more birds than the other in a 365-day marathon called the Big Year.
The first modern Olympics took place in Athens, Greece, in the late 1800s. But it's believed that ancient games were held as early as 776 B.C. Author Tony Perrottet sheds light on these competitions -- from the chariot races to the naked athletes.
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A new book catalogues all the historic places in the state, including some surprising ones.
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Americans have made genealogy research one of the biggest hobbies on the internet. The Minnesota Historical Society has just updated its guide that helps people wade through the research possibilities.
Life without cell phones is inconceivable for many people. One scholar of American media suggests this ever-changing device has fundamentally altered the way we live.
Mourning doves are fair game again in Minnesota. Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed a bill this week reinstating a mourning dove hunting season, after 46 years without one. Most states already allow dove hunting. Hunters and cooks are looking forward to the change.
Chef Lenny Russo shares one of his recipes for preparing mourning dove, also known as squab. Russo runs the Heartland Restaurant in St. Paul.