Minnesota Made Matchup

Minnesota Made Matchup winner: The North Shore

The North Shore is the winner of the Minnesota Made Matchup
Jiwon Choi | MPR News

We asked you to submit your favorite invention/idea/place with Minnesota roots — and you delivered. After holding a vote on over 70 submissions we narrowed it down to a top eight. Over the winter member drive they went head-to-head — all coming down to this. Voters have crowned the North Shore of Lake Superior the winner of the Minnesota Made Matchup!

About the winner:

Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior stretches 150 miles and is host to a few state parks, abundant forest land and some of the finest tourist destinations in the Midwest. Whether you want to sit on the lake shore and marvel at the waves, or if you want to slip into a drysuit and surf the massive swells that form in early winter, Superior has something for everyone.

And Lake Superior, the greatest of the Great Lakes, is 1,335 feet deep and 350 miles long — the world’s biggest freshwater lake. It holds 3 quadrillion gallons of water, or enough to flood the surface of North and South America with a foot of water. Plus, the lake’s shipping industry helped build the Iron Range and is still active today.

Thank you for participating in and following along with the competition. Stay tuned, we have more fun contests that let you express your Minnesota pride coming soon!

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Check out the full list of nominees and their rankings in the elimination round held earlier this month here.

And if you were curious about the vote breakdown for the bracketed rounds:

Round one “Minnesota State Parks" won with 73 percent of votes
Round two "The North Shore" won with 74 percent of votes
Round three "The Minnesota State Fair" won with 66 percent of votes
Round four "Post-It Notes" won with 68 percent of votes
Round five "The North Shore" won with 53 percent of votes
Round six "The Minnesota State Fair" won with 59 percent of votes
And in the final round "The North Shore" won with 69 percent of votes