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Trouble with rent? Here's how to get help during the pandemic
The coronavirus effect on the economy has left many struggling to keep up with rent and mortgage payments. MPR News reached out to housing assistance experts to get some advice on what to do if you can’t keep up when rent is due.
What about my license? Questions about DVS and the pandemic, answered
We’ve received a lot of questions during the COVID-19 pandemic about what’s going on with Driver and Vehicle Services. What happens if you missed your road test? What if you need to renew a license tag?
Laughter and love at home for the weekend
It’s going to be a chilly weekend for most Minnesotans, which is a good reason to stay at home and catch up on some new shows, movies and music on streaming. Here are some suggestions.
Minnesota Made Matchup
Jump into the Minnesota Made Matchup.
Ask a 'sotan: Why is West St. Paul south of St. Paul?
Every state and city has its geographic quirks, and the Minnesota region is no exception. For MPR News listener Hal Davis, the fact that West St. Paul is actually situated south of St. Paul caught his attention and wanted to find out why.
Ask a 'sotan: Why do Minnesotans call soda 'pop'?
Pop, soda, coke — those words get thrown around in various parts of the country when talking about soft drinks. Minnesota is widely known for its use of “pop”, and a titan in the restaurant world wants to know why.
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