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Portraits make Minnesota rugby guys look even tougher
Photographer Robb Long wanted to create series of gritty and emotional portraits. So he turned to members of the Boksprings Rugby Football Club in Faribault. The result is an amazing series of images that put blood, sweat and toughness front and center.
St. Thomas pieces together a Frank Gehry masterpiece
A real estate developer donated a house designed by Frank Gehry to the University of St. Thomas. The college decided to move the architectural gem from Orono to Owatonna. Taking apart a Gehry puzzle, shipping it 75 miles and putting it back together again is no easy task.
The Minnesota Zoo launched its 2010 photo contest a few weeks ago. Lots of people already have submitted some fun pictures. Check out this slideshow of the entries so far.
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Stuck on I-94? Billboard taps into drivers’ frustration
A concrete industry association is tweaking MnDOT for choosing asphalt over concrete (again) as the surface for Interstate 94 between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul.
Dispatch from southeast Minnesota
Cathy Wurzer gets all the news from southeast Minnesota. She talked to reporter Liz Baier about panhandling licenses, registration for same-sex couples and fixing the tornado warning system.
Al Franken completes first year in Senate; Reporters notice
Nothing like an anniversary story to chew up some space in print, online or on air after a long holiday weekend. Today's savior for a variety of media outlets is the 'Al Franken completes his first year in the Senate' story.
Great photos from across Minnesota
Minnesota boasts a robust roster of photographers. Whether they're pros or hobbyists, the shooters do a great job capturing a photogenic state. Here's a chance to roll through some of their top-notch work.
New toy in Duluth an ‘alpine coaster’ not an ‘alpine slide’
A new attraction that opens Thursday at Spirit Mountain in Duluth sends riders zooming downhill through the woods. Spirit Mountain tells us with multiple exclamation points that the ride Minnesota's first "alpine coaster," not a ho-hum "alpine slide."
Minnesota author finds her ABCs at the State Fair
Quick, who can name the "author-in-residence" at the Minnesota State Fair? It's Debra Frasier, a children's book writer who mines the kaleidoscope of colors at the fair in her latest book, "A Fabulous Fair Alphabet."
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