'Sister Bobblehands' honored by St. Paul Saints

Sister Rosalind bobble doll
A doll honoring Sister Rosalind Gefre, who gives massages at St. Paul Saints baseball games, will be given away to fans this weekend. The doll has "bobblehands," signifying her comforting touch.
MPR Photo/Melanie Sommer

A nun who devotes herself to working out the kinks in the shoulders and backs of St. Paul Saints fans will be honored at Saturday's game with her very own bobblehead doll.

Actually, the doll honoring Sister Rosalind Gefre will be a "bobblehands" figurine, with bobbing hands signifying her comforting touch. The first 1,500 fans to enter Midway Stadium for the game will receive the doll.

Sister Rosalind, 76, says she never wanted her own figurine, but once the Saints decided to honor their back-rubbing nun, she accepted it. It's estimated that Sister Rosalind has given 7,000 massages at St. Paul Saints games.

Sister Rosalind talked with MPR's Tom Crann.