Invasion of arctic air

After a weekend where it appeared as if Mother Nature recycled some left over weather, we will experience a shivering invasion of arctic air later today. Temperatures will be cold but not brutal to start the New Year. Brisk northwest winds will lower wind chill temperatures to as cold as minus 25 degrees. Layered look will be in vogue to ring in 2008.

The blast of cold air will be short lived with the coldest readings greeting us as we head back to the regular routine on Wednesday morning. Favored cold locations, such as Tower and Embarrass could find the mercury near minus 20 shortly after daybreak.

A quick rebound will begin on Thursday as winds shift to the southwest. But while the temperatures recover back into the 20s, increasing winds will still add a chill to the air.

The moderation will continue into the weekend. An early January thaw is in the offing, as temperatures climb into the 30s.


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