One measure of the degree of cold we have been experiencing this month is a relative comparison of low temperature reports from the 48 contiguous states. Over the period from December 1-16, Minnesota has reported the lowest temperature on ten days. That's a very large fraction from all national reports. Here are the nation's lowest temperatures (outside of Alaska) that have come from Minnesota so far this month.....

December 2nd -7 degrees F at Embarrass

December 3rd 3 degrees F at Grand Marais

December 6th -5 degrees F at Embarrass

December 7th -23 degrees F at Embarrass

December 8th -23 degrees F at Embarrass

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December 10th -18 degrees F at Orr

December 11th -16 degrees F at Embarrass

December 12th -32 degrees F at Embarrass

December 13th -32 degrees F at Embarrass

December 16th -35 degrees F at Longville and Babbitt

The readings of -35 degrees F this morning are not far below the all-time state record for December 16th which is -39 degrees F at Pokegama Dam way back in 1903.

Embarrass has clearly had a very cold month so far, and they are on track to record their 2nd coldest December in history there. But several other Minnesota communities have already been -30 degrees F or colder this month. In addition to Embarrass and Longville, Babbitt, Orr, Eveleth, Cook, and Hibbing have all been below -30 degrees F.

You can track morning low temperatures from nearly any climate station by using the commercial web site known as Anything Weather.