Speed bumps in the jetstream

The weather maps are showing a meridonal or zonal flow over the continental US for much of the week. This rather strong west to east movement of air occasionally spins up what we call a short wave or a kink in the flow pattern. This typically induces some circulation sufficient to stir up some snow flakes.

One such system produced three inches of snow in north central and northeast Minnesota overnight. Another such system will likely deposit two to four inches of snow through parts of central Minnesota later tonight and Tuesday morning.

Snowfall potential

A week ago, we awoke to sub zero temperatures, with a low of 13 below in the Twin Cities; twenty-one degrees below the 30 year normal low. This morning, the low was 27 degrees in Minneapolis/St. Paul; twenty-one degrees above normal. Toss these numbers together and over time you establish the regional climate.

Hold on to your hat today. Wind gusts of over 40 mph have already been reported in western Minnesota. It will be a blustery day.



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