Is victory in Afghanistan worth the cost?

As President Obama considers whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, the American general in charge of allied forces is warning that, without more troops, the war may end in failure. Is victory in Afghanistan worth the cost?

Afghanistan is "the graveyard of empires". It will be ours too. Obama should get us out now! -Steve, Maple Grove, MN

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First, what IS victory in Afghanistan? -Robert, New Brighton, MN

Why isn't the government Identifying the funding sources for the insurgents in Afghanistan? Why isn't the Federal Government addressing those funding sources? This is an 8 year conflict that requires big financial commitments. The money does not fall from the sky. It comes from somewhere. What stopped the German War Machine in WWII was cutting off their access to oil. The bombing of factories hardly slowed the conflict at all. As soon as the energy resources were controlled the Germans had little opportunity to continue in the conflict. The money is the oil of this conflict. Stop the cash and that will end a lot of the insurgents' opportunity to resist. Mr Bush's Doctrine was that any country supporting terrorism was in conflict with the US. -Tim Brandon, Minneapolis, MN

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