Your weekend arts forecast: “Rocky”


Park Square presents "Rock 'n' Roll," Tom Stoppard's tribute to

the music of revolution, protest, and liberation. The show features the music of Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, John Lennon, The Beach Boys and U2.

89.3. The Current returns to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Children's Theatre Company for its annual "Rock the Cradle." There's story-time with the Current DJs, Kid's Disco, live music and puppetry, and of course the musical instrument petting zoo.

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If that's not enough "rock" for you, Ten Thousand Things presents "Stones in his Pockets," the story of what happens when a Hollywood film goes on location in a small Irish village. It stars two great physical actors - Jim Lichtscheidl and Stephen Epp - playing more than a dozen characters.

Of course we can't forget the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Starting tonight, and running through the end of January, it features more parades than you can shake a broomball stick at.

On Sunday night Bryant Lake Bowl brings back Fringe favorite "The Problem of the Body" in which Prof. Damon Rudman uses shock and awe to probe contemporary American attitudes toward bodily urges.

And for the modern art lover, the Southern Theater presents "Crotch" - a one man show based on the life and work of artist Joseph Beuys.

So what did I miss? And what are you planning to do this weekend?