Describe your recession in six words

Our public media friends at recently invited people to write their economy memoir in six words.

It generated some cool responses. So I thought I'd borrow it, retool it and ask Minnesotans to sum up their Great Recession in six words.

April will mark one year since MinnEcon went from experiment to commitment. We've asked Minnesotans daily to share their stories of perseverance, struggle and humor. You've responded in great detail.

We've tried to highlight as many of those responses as we could but it's been a challenge.

So this time we want folks to write short.

Send us six words (OK, it can be a little longer but not much) that capture your life in the economy the past two years.

Here are mine: Surviving on journalism despite average skills.

Post yours below or contact me directly.

NOTE: Our efforts were inspired by SMITH Magazine's ongoing Six-Word Memoir project.

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