Local musician gets 18 months to rehearse… in prison

Yes, we know, it can be really hard to raise money to pursue your muse. But yet most artists still manage to resist the impulse to steal in order to further their artistic careers.

Evidently musician Steven Mark Renner could not. Earlier today he was sentenced to 18 months in prison on four counts of tax evasion totalling $1,133,000 in federal income taxes.

In addition, according to a Minnesota State Department announcement, "Renner diverted substantial funds from Cash Cards International ("CCI"), his Internet-based, stored-value and money-transmission business, to pay his living expenses as well as to make personal investments in coins, oil wells, art, stamps, and vintage musical instruments. He also used CCI funds to promote his blues-rock band, 'Stevie Renner and the Renegades.'"

I'm sure the next 18 months will provide Mr. Renner with lots of great material for future blues tunes.

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