Art Hounds: From University Ave. to Wadena

The hounds chase down teen art in Minneapolis that's making an impression, a sculptural oasis in North Central Minnesota, and a Central Corridor cabaret.

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Andrea Satter says photographer Wing Young Huie has made waves with his colossal series' "The Lake Street Project" and now "The University Avenue Project," which documents a six mile stretch of the Central Corridor. Andrea is anxious to attend Huie's monthly cabaret, held in conjunction with the project, scheduled for this Saturday at 1433 University Ave. It features talent from the University Avenue area.

If you think North Central Minnesota is devoid of grand scale outdoor art, you're wrong. Jamie Robertson says sculpture lovers will enjoy a sojourn to Wadena this Saturday, July 31, for the grand opening of Green Island. It's a 60-acre former farmstead that's been molded into a sculpture park. It'll be open seven days a week from sun-up to sundown for the rest of the summer. Admission is free.

Teen art exhibits rarely turn heads the way "SooFUZE" does. That's the opinion of Christopher James, Communications and Events Director at the Weisman Art Museum. Christopher says the multi-media show at Soo Visual Arts Center reflects the work of Twin Cities teen artists that's unusually sophisticated and thought-provoking. You have until September 5th to check it out.

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