U won't comment on question about U official's possible ag interests

Here's a statement that MPR reporter Stephanie Hemphill has received from the U's spokesman.

He does NOT address, as Hemphill requested, the question of a connection between Karen Himle, head of University Relations, and current/former ag clients of her husband's.

From: Daniel Wolter [mailto:wolter@umn.edu]

Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2010 4:07 PM

To: Hemphill, Stephanie

Subject: Re: Bell film

Hi Stephanie --

Here is the University's statement on the "Troubled Waters" documentary postponement:

In 2008, the University of Minnesota received a legislative appropriation, and subsequent additional private funding, to develop an educational documentary on the waters of Minnesota, designed to promote watershed understanding and citizen action in protecting, restoring and conserving water resources.

Recently, the documentary, “Troubled Waters,” was previewed by a number of University officials and faculty.  As a result of input received from these viewers, Bell Museum Director Susan Weller has requested a small group of qualified faculty review the film and advise her on whether the documentary as edited meets the specifications of the legislative appropriation to the University, and is factually accurate, objective and balanced in its presentation.

The overall purpose of the review is to assure that the University meets its responsibilities under the legislation to provide the best quality product, one that meets the expectations contained in the legislation and provides high-quality educational material for viewers.

The University looks forward to hosting the premiere of the film when this process is concluded.     --- Daniel Wolter

Director, News Service

Office of University Relations

University of Minnesota


651-485-3214 cell

www.umn.edu/news Twitter @UMNews www.facebook.com/UofMN

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