How would you like to change Minnesota’s relationship with its immigrant communities?

Each Monday now through the election, we'll pose a question on an issue that's pertinent to the race for Minnesota governor. Today's Question: How would you like to change Minnesota's relationship with its immigrant communities?

Republican candidate Tom Emmer:

The United States is a nation of immigrants, and we should be proud of the fact that millions of people around the world continue to believe in and
 seek out the promise of the American dream. We believe that immigrants who assimilate as Minnesotans and U.S. citizens and become contributing members of our community are a great asset to the
 state. It is important that we facilitate legal, orderly immigration so that we
 again enjoy the new talent, drive and entrepreneurial spirit immigrants bring to our wonderful country and state.

Democratic candidate Mark Dayton:

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I will be a governor who sees our immigrant communities as contributors to our economic success and our social diversity, not as political excuses to generate fear. I will continue to urge the federal government to fix the laws that have created tensions among us.

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner:

Everyone agrees that all people in Minnesota must be here legally. But we need to make sure that Minnesota is a state that embraces the entrepreneurialism and skills of new Minnesotans. Let's make new Minnesotans part of our communities through education, including English language classes.