What role should a governor’s religion play in his performance in office?

Each Monday now through the election, we'll pose a question on an issue that's pertinent to the race for Minnesota governor. Today's Question: What role should a governor's religion play in his performance in office?

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner:

My faith is a key part of defining who I am and the values I bring to all that I do in my life. But the tenets of a particular religion don't define public policy.

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Republican candidate Tom Emmer:

People are shaped and influenced by their religious connections and involvement. My wife Jacquie and I and our children are involved with our local church, and it is an important aspect of our lives.

As governor, I believe you are elected to serve and represent Minnesotans of all backgrounds and religious affiliations. The priorities we have identified, such as job creation and making government live within its means are issues important to all Minnesotans.

Democratic candidate Mark Dayton:

A person's religion shapes his or her values; however, our country was founded on the principle of separation of church and state.