Notes in the Margins: Anti-MBAs, applications and death to the SAT

Death to the SAT! Robert Sternberg has argued that college admissions rely too heavily on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, which he says overvalue analytical abilities at the expense of leadership qualities like creativity and wisdom. (

Alcohol and caffeine drinks: the next student health problem? Three beers, a can of Red Bull and a large espresso times three or four, and they still might tell you they're not intoxicated. Therein lies the danger of caffeinated alcoholic beverages, whose popularity has grown in recent years among college-aged drinkers, drawing the attention of concerned health officials, politicians and college administrators. (

The business school for anti-MBAs The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, which welcomed its charter class of 88 students in September, may well be the first business school for anti-MBAs. The school's tagline, "Where business is taught with humanity in mind," isn't merely a slogan. (

A Common Higher-Education Framework for the Americas? At a conference promoting the idea, skeptics worry that the benefits would go mainly to Canada, the U.S., and a few rising powers. (

Class of 2009 borrowers left with estimated $24,000 in debt The report looks only at the debt level of bachelor's degree recipients from public and private nonprofit colleges, which rose 6%. (

Overall, colleges accept 2 in 3 applicants An association of counselors and admissions officers takes a tape measure to the admissions process, and finds some trends that applicants and their families might find encouraging. (

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