Wednesday news and reviews

Here's a look at the arts and culture stories making headlines...

Brainerd woman in court over music sharing -- again

- Mark Stodghill, Duluth News Tribune

...For the third time in three years, Thomas-Rasset [took] a seat in a federal courtroom to hear the Recording Industry Association of America tell a jury that the Brainerd mother of four willfully committed copyright infringement by distributing 24 songs on the KaZaA peer-to-peer file sharing network.

Sandbox Theatre's Heather Stone talks collaboration - Sheila Regan, City Pages

This weekend Sandbox Theatre will open their latest collaborative production, unspeakable things: the Wandrei brothers project, about Donald and Howard Wandrei, two St. Paul brothers who wrote science fiction books together.

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Asian film festival hits close to home - Colin Covert, Star Tribune

Documentary about the 2004 killings of six Wisconsin hunters is part of a diverse lineup for the Twin Cities' first Asian Film Festival.

A satisfying "Cinderella" from the Minnesota Opera - Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

My apologies, everyone--I misled you just a titch. In last week's Arts Orbit Radar, I wrote that the Minnesota Opera's new production of Gioachino Rossini's Cinderella "is bound to be pure luxury." That's not precisely true. "Pure luxury" would be like a cupcake from Cake Eater Bakery, piled high with sugary frosting. This Cinderella is more like a good cranberry muffin: filling and consistently tasty, with occasional bites of fruitiness dispersed evenly throughout.

What's up with the Minnesota Museum of American Art? - Erica Tasto , Pioneer Press

When Kristin Makholm became executive director of the Minnesota Museum of American Art in June 2009, she was faced with a program that had no building, virtually no staff and little money. A year and a half later, after seeing success with different outreach programs and exhibitions, including "Museum Without Walls," in which the museum partners with other local institutions to show its art collections, Makholm is looking at fall 2015 as the museum's reopening date.

Eiko and Koma at Walker Art Center - Caroline Palmer, Star Tribune

Throughout November, Gallery Two of the Walker Art Center is a second home to the New York-based choreographic team of Eiko & Koma. The artists, who are usually seen on stage, have transformed the museum space into a mysterious sanctuary they fully inhabit in a "living installation" called "Naked."

"Words to Dead Lips": Multimedia dance performance looks at ecology of fear

- Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet

This weekend, Aniccha Arts, a company that merges media and dance, presents a performance that takes on what the artists call "an ecology of fear" in our society. Predicated on the idea of crowd control and the politics of sound, Words to Dead Lips explores the dimensions of how a climate of fear can shape and form a crowd, and how individuals, or groups of individuals can fight against that force.

"Ghosts of the Orpheum" spooks guests and reminds them of what once was

- Barb Teed, TC Daily Planet

What made Ghosts of the Orpheum particularly creepy was that it was based on true Orpheum Theatre ghost stories. Or maybe it was the timing: the day before Halloween.

On ghosts, vampires, and your own death - By Rob Hubbard, Pioneer PressIt bears remembering that all of those ghosts and vampires who rang your doorbell Sunday night were there to remind you of the inevitability of your own death.