Weekend outlook: sweet


Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts presents "Life is Sweet"

Sometimes it takes hanging out with someone special to remind you that "Life is Sweet." Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts presents a work that does just that, featuring its many talented performers who just happen to have an extra chromosome. "Life is Sweet" is a reworked 15th century morality play about a man who is visited by "virtues" (such as "friend," "lovers," "warrior") as he prepares for his death. In the show, all the virtues are performed by actors with Down Syndrome. Director Tod Peterson says he came up with the idea for the production when he heard the shocking statistic that 90% of expectant parents who discover their unborn babies have Down Syndrome terminate the pregnancy.

Interested in brushing up on your art history in the company of an oh-so-sociable Japanese kitten? "Hello Masterpiece" at the Burnett Gallery in Minneapolis features artist Leslie Holt's recreations of famous paintings in miniature, accompanied by a little Hello Kitty image. Are the masterworks lessened by the appearance of "Hello Kitty?" Or is "Hello Kitty" suddenly legitimized by hanging out with the greats of art history? You decide.

Oh and if you're a big fan of the White Album, you may want to make a trip to Fargo/Moorhead to visit the Plains Art Museum, which is currently showing The White Album: The Beatles Meet the Plains. The exhibition allows you to listen to songs from the White Album while contemplating artwork selected to pair with the music.

Lionel Popkin, an alum of the Trisha Brown Dance Company, presents "There is an elephant in this dance" at the Southern Theater. The work plays off an overlarge elephant costume to suggest how an individual body can hold multiple histories and divergent cultural identities.

Brave New Workshop Theatre presents its holiday sketch comedy show "Brett Favre's Christmas Spectacular II: The Second Coming" - billed as a "break from the family fumbles of the holiday season"

Ever dreamt of running away to join the circus? Now that you're all grown up you might want to run on over to Old Arizona Theater to take in Cabaret Zirkus. Blue Phoenix Circus Troupe presents an evening of 1930s-styled German cabaret, intended for "mature audiences only."

So what are you doing this weekend?

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