Will Give to the Max make its goal?

While GiveMN has not set any dollar fundraising goals for today's "Give to the Max" event, it is seeking to break its previous record in terms of number of donors. Last year it heard from approximately 38,000 people - this year it's challenged the public to surpass 40,000 donors.

As of 4:30pm Central, it's heard from approximatley 27,500.

In order to meet the goal, GiveMN will need to hear from 1666 people an hour for the next seven and a half hours (here at MPR we're really familar with that kind of math).

As with any fundraising event, alot depends on how many people have saved making their contributions for the end of the day, and how much giving will slack off in the waning hours before midnight.

So, have you made your pledge yet? Are you going to? Why or why not?

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