Notes in the Margins: Cheating, ed students and black colleges online

Cheating and the Generational Divide he revelation that hundreds of University of Central Florida students in a senior-level business class received an advance version of a mid-term exam has exposed the widening chasm in what different generations expect of each other -- and what they perceive cheating to be. (Inside Higher Ed)

As Textbooks Go Digital, Campus Bookstores May Go Bookless - As students cut costs by buying books from cheaper online retailers or by downloading e-textbooks, campus bookstores sell fewer and fewer textbooks. That's triggering an identity crisis for one of the oldest institutions on campus and leading some college officials to ask: If textbooks go digital, does the campus even need a bookstore? (

Schools of Ed Will Training Teachers Like Doctors Most of us would agree that the success of the American education system is dependent on the strength of good teachers. And in order to create good teachers, we need to change the way we think about their role in society. (

Black Colleges Look To Increase Online Ed Presence When Michael Hill needed a doctoral program with the flexibility to let him continue working full-time as a Lincoln University administrator, he chose an online degree from another institution. (

Of Four Loko and Student Loans: My Generation's Accountability Crisis Under the threat of an FDA ban, the makers of alcoholic energy drink Four Loko are changing its recipe to remove caffeine, guarana and taurine. But the only problem a ban of Four Loko would solve is to save young people from thinking they have personal responsibility for their choices -- again. (Daily Finance)

MCTC Plans $10M Expansion of Student Center Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) plans to renovate and expand its student center for an estimated cost of $10 million, a spokesperson from the school confirmed Wednesday. The Helland Center, located on the college’s 21.6-acre campus in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, will be adding 15,800 square feet of space, in addition to revamping an existing 21,200 square feet. (

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