4 ways to mess up your college search

Sue Biemeret, executive director of The Academy for College Admission Counseling, focuses on several things that prevent students and parents from choosing the right college.

It's all a matter of focus and priorities.

I've summarized her points in her New York Times piece, but you can read the full article here.

1. Focus only on the known. Just because you haven’t heard of a college doesn’t mean it isn’t a great fit.

2. Focus on prestige. Kids create their own futures, not their colleges.

3. Focus on the not-so-important. Some students won’t even look at a school where they don’t know anyone, while others wouldn’t ever consider Great State U. because “everyone in their class” is going there. Really?

4. Blink. When students listen to their friends or their mentors (or even their parents) more than themselves, they often find themselves losing focus.

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