College robots on parade, Part II

Hmm, must be robot season.

Today, the University of Minnesota is hosting a show of student built robots at the McNamara Alumni Center on the Minneapolis campus till 4:30 p.m.

The Pioneer Press features one of the student competitors, 28-year-old mechanical engineering junior Ryan Blesi:

Blesi built a robot that tilts a cup and a bottle of root beer at angles that allow for optimum foam. The robot worked, but the level of foam wasn't up to his standards. Blesi was in Durfee's office Friday for suggestions.

Blesi plans to bring 12 to 24 bottles of root beer to the show and hopes to find a big tub to contain his robot in case of "catastrophic failure."

Read the full story here. More info and photos here. (The photo above is from last year.)

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