Tuesday news and reviews

Hmmm... many of our arts reporter friends appear to have taken some time off this week...


A rich and delightful "Nutcracker Fantasy" from Minnesota Dance Theatre

I couldn't imagine a reason to not enjoy this version of The Nutcracker any more than I can imagine why you simply wouldn't try just one more of those Christmas cookies you're trying so hard to avoid.

- Betsy Gabler, TC Daily Planet


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FYI: Lauryn Hill is playing First Avenue on January 18th - there were two stories based on that news, but really, the headline is all you need to know.

Best Concerts of 2010

From beginning to end, 2010 has kept us busy running from venue to venue in pursuit of some phenomenal live music.

- Andrea Swensson, City Pages

Roma di Luna at the Cedar

Roma di Luna's annual Christmas show at the Cedar last night was a divine treat for all who were lucky enough to snag tickets to the very sold-out performance.

- Natalie Gallagher, City Pages

Brute Heart's "Brass Beads" simply string the listener along

Vapid, vacuous, and pretentious, Brass Beads by Brute Heart is an offering on which one does well to take a pass.

- Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet

Singer-songwriter MJ Kroll: Wise and wonderful

No two ways about it, singer-songwriters of her caliber are choice. Smooth music fueling passionate vocals, she, indeed, is sweet, liquid fire. The lyrics nail it, sensual and sardonic.

- Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet


Nimbus Theatre previews permanent space

In a chilly, wide-open warehouse space in Minneapolis, Nimbus Theatre Company's Josh Cragun sees nothing but potential.

- Ed Huyck, City Pages

Julia Carlis buzzes in on 'Jeopardy!' (Updated)

Find out how the Theatre Pro Rata staffer did on the national quiz show.

- Ed Huyck, City Pages

Max About Town

Obsessing over furniture at 'Tron: Legacy' and at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

- Max Sparber, MinnPost.com