Friday news and reviews

One of the most shocking stories isn't an arts story, but instead, what happened to an arts reporter - Ross Raihala, music critic for Pioneer Press, was held up at gunpoint! You can read his account here.


Ever after

Minneapolis artist Carole Fisher raises provocative environmental issues in a new installation about the lingering effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Grow the Future of Public Media

MPR's budget year comes to a close on June 30. Help us close the gap by becoming a Sustainer today. When you make a recurring monthly gift, your gift will be matched by the MPR Member Fund for a whole year!

- MARY ABBE, Star Tribune

Tattoos galore at the History of Hip series

Last Tuesday local tattoo enthusiasts converged at the Minnesota History Center for a presentation on the history of the art form.

- Sheila Regan, City Pages


Bikes to books: Boneshakers in Minneapolis

Think "boneshaker" and bicycles come immediately to mind - unless you're clueless like me and had to resort to Wikipedia to get a glimmer.

Mary Treacy, TC Daily Planet


The legacy of Peter Yates' 'Bullitt'

When director Peter Yates passed away this past Sunday, cinephiles everywhere mourned the loss of an underrated director.

- Nate Patrin, City Pages

The buzz was worth the wait

A C-class superhero saga comes out of development hell with a surprisingly funny and well-crafted film.

- Tom Horgen, Star Tribune

'The Green Hornet' is clever, technically savvy and just plain fun

You could think of "The Green Hornet" as the anti-"Dark Knight."

- Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

Hurting the one you love

Slipping around in time and shot mostly in close-up, "Blue Valentine" looks at love, marriage and breakup in the good kind of 3-D.

- COLIN COVERT, Star Tribune

The ads are comical, but dark, intelligent story is no laughing matter

Vince Vaughn and Kevin James play the main characters in "The Dilemma," but the keys to what the movie is trying to do are Winona Ryder and Jennifer Connelly.

- Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

Influence for sale, not cheap

The misdeeds of corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff mount up fast in this comedy/drama.

- COLIN COVERT, Star Tribune

Once again, gambling on Abramoff doesn't pay off

Are all of Kevin Spacey's characters similar, or does he give the same performance no matter whom he's playing?

- Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press


Right on target

The Turf Club reopened in time for David Joe Holiday to cover familiar ground with his new band.


Mozart's 'Jupiter' full of grandeur

Two big concertos, plus the "Jupiter," make for a joyful, all-Mozart evening at Orchestra Hall.

- William Randall Beard, Star Tribune

Mark Edwards talks about his solo project (OME)

After his band broke up early this millennium, Minneapolis musician Mark Edwards started playing with toys.

- Will McClain, City Pages

Ozzy Osbourne at the Target Center, 1/12/11

As someone who has never taken himself too seriously, the show opened with a video introduction that super-imposed Ozzy with some of today's contemporary television and film scenes, interjecting him and his silly grins as he played the role as Beyonce in the "Telephone" video, Edward Cullen in "Twilight," an Avatar, a scene in "The Hangover," and as the Situation in "Jersey Shore."

- Danny Sigelman, City Pages


Comedy of youthful errors and energy

The Acting Company shows off a bit of vaudevillian cheek.

- GRAYDON ROYCE, Star Tribune

Few errors, plenty of comedy

When we say that 'The Comedy of Errors' is an old-school laugher, we mean it goes all the way back -- past playwright William Shakespeare and back nearly two millennia to the ancient Roman writer Plautus. Despite the vintage, the Acting Company's production is plenty fresh.

- Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press

A Prairie Home Replacement Fiddler Sara Watkins takes over for Garrison Keillor on Saturday

Saturday evening, that old piano from down the avenue will sound a little different.

- Ross Raihala, Pioneer Press

Raw Stages presents a quartet of works-in-progressThe History Theatre and the Playwrights' Center are teaming up, Brave and the Bold style, to present the latest edition of Raw Stages, a look at several in-progress works through staged readings.

- Ed Huyck, City Pages

In the future, everyone will be in a Warhol film for 15 minutes: Gob Squad's 'Kitchen'It can be a bit maddening to create a play and then have something similar show up that is quite a lot more successful. I've had it happen twice.

- Max Sparber,