Notes in the Margins: China, Mubarak and high-risk loans

With Federal Budget Cuts Likely, Some University Researchers Hold Out Hope The energy-innovation hubs that President Obama mentioned in his State of the Union address and other research could survive the move toward austerity. ( Rise in Donations to Colleges Seen in 2010 Support for higher education is at the same level as it was in 2006, a survey has found. (

Critics say top-rated Chinese education system has a flaw Critics say the Chinese education system, though tops in test-taking, has a shortfall in producing students who are innovative and creative. (USA Today)

For-Profit Colleges Selling Students On High-Risk Loans, Consumer Group Says Many of the large corporations that own for-profit colleges are increasingly issuing their own in-house private loans to students -- even though some schools expect more than 50 percent of such loans to go into default, according to a report released this week by the National Consumer Law Center. (Huffington Post)

Mubarak received honorary degree from George Washington University in 1999 The president – who announced Tuesday afternoon he would not seek reelection in September – said in 1999 that GW and Egypt share a commitment to a brighter future. (

Cuomo Proposes No College Tuition Increase Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he is rejecting any increase in tuition at the public universities. The State University of New York has sought the authority from Albany to increase tuition in part to contend with a 30-percent reduction in state aid over the last three years. (Huffington Post)

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