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Thursday news and reviews


Roger 'Ice Man' Hanson builds a 64-foot ice castle in his backyard

"A lot of people climb mountains," he says of his peculiar hobby. "I built a mountain."

- Jessica Lussenhop

'Reader's Art 11' opening at Susan Hensel Gallery

"Reader's Art 11" will feature 65 pieces of art by 29 local, regional, and national book artists riffing on the theme "Urban/Urbane."

- Coco Mault. City Pages


Trio brings lit to life

The women behind Paper Darts, a literary arts magazine, mix style, substance and fun into a fresh and sassy stew.



John Munger talks about 'Renovate' and grassroots dance

This weekend the Ritz Theater presents its fourth annual choreography showcase, Renovate, featuring the work of established and emerging local artists.

- Sheila Regan, City Pages

ARENA Dances draws inspiration from the CarpentersNot only are the dancers' dynamic movements inspired by the Carpenters' music, but Janczewski's production also explores the idea of human insecurities, brought forward by the complicated relationship between Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard, and her struggle with an eating disorder that eventually claimed her life.

- Shelby Meyers, City Pages


Vile men: The art of Vincent Stall, and Nicolas Cage in 'Drive Angry'

- Max Sparber,


From Basquiat to Berlin

Artist-turned-director Julian Schnabel will visit the Walker for a retrospective of his films starting Friday.

- COLIN COVERT, Star Tribune

Oak Street Cinema destruction approved by unanimous vote of the Heritage Preservation CommissionIn their recommendation, city staff recommended demolition with the condition that certain mitigations be followed, including documentation that would be sent to various institutions, and salvaging of the marquee and original light fixtures, which the representative for the owner said they have found a buyer for.

- Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet

Second Annual Cuban Film Festival raises the curtain on our embargoed neighbor

An interview with Greg Klave, the festival curator.

- Jim Brunzell III, The Optimistic Pessimist


Red House founder Greg Brown to release album on Yep Roc

There's no word yet on Brown's status with Red House, the influential St. Paul-based acoustic label.

- Jon Bream, Star Tribune

Asobi Seksu and BRAHMS bring drama and sweep to the 7th Street Entry

The close, dark venue was an incongruous fit for the sweeping sounds of Asobi Seksu and BRAHMS, who shared a bill on Tuesday night.

- Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


'Hair' raises right questions

The revival at the Orpheum is engaging and evocative.

- ROHAN PRESTON, Star Tribune

'Hair': Touring production is all about superficial style and shine

The show looks and sounds like a million bucks, but its soul is as thin as a dime.

- Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press

'Hair' has body, and even a bit of soul

Near the end of the first act, the action snapped into place.

- Ed Huyck, City Pages

Hair Makes an Emancipation Proclamation at the Orpheum Theater

If there ever was a weapon for peace-lovers, HAIR is that weapon.

Michelle Alimoradi,

Hair at the Orpheum

Hair is essentially a revue; the story material simply provides a structure on which the songs are hung. Overlong? Possibly, but who cares. The music is terrific and the Tribe handles it gorgeously.

- John Olive,

Big names for a new season at Park Square

Big, recognizable titles will be all over the marquee at St. Paul's Park Square Theatre next season.

- Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

Unexpectedly subversive: 'Hair' at the Orpheum; Latte Da's 'Song of Extinction'

- Max Sparber,