Notes in the Margins: Religion, retirement and hiding SAT scores

Hiding kids’ SAT scores from them When their three kids were applying for college, Debby and Larry Demaree never let them know what their SAT scores were. “We told them that the scores were unimportant and not a measure of who they are or what they want in life,” Debby said. “Did we test prep? No. Did we tutor? No. Did we apply to 15 colleges? No. . . . Did we use private college counselors? No. Did we even rely on the school counselors? No.” (The Washington Post)

Wesleyan President: Math and Science Study Alone Will Not Make Students More Competitive I would hope that our leaders in government, industry and academia would realize that they don't have to make a choice between the sciences and the rest of the liberal arts. Indeed, the sciences are a vital part of the liberal arts. The key to our success in the future will be an integrative education that doesn't isolate the sciences from other parts of the curriculum, and that doesn't shield the so-called creative and interpretive fields from a vigorous understanding of the problems being addressed by scientists. (The Huffington Post)

The Gray Wave College administrators will have to chart a tricky course as large numbers of professors are poised to retire over the next decade, but are not likely to leave willingly. (Inside Higher Ed)

UMCP Prof: Proposed Budget Cuts Promote an 'American Brain Drain' It's not simply that other nations may make competitive gains; the greater concern is that young scientists may lose confidence in the United States as the best place to establish their careers. (The Huffington Post)

Religion Financed With Student Fees The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by the University of Wisconsin at Madison of a federal appeals court ruling that could require many public colleges and universities to permit the use of student fee money to pay for explicitly religious activities, including those involving prayer. (Inside Higher Ed)

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