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Michael Gaughan: 100 Creatives

While some artists find creativity in dark places, others take on projects with a joy that is instantly contagious. Local illustrator and performer Michael Gaughan definitely belongs in the latter category.

- Jessica Armbruster, City Pages

Kristina Perkins shows photographs from her bus tour of the U.S.

With the help of donations from friends and family, as well as her own money, Perkins bought a bus ticket for $430 and travelled to 37 states, taking over 4,000 photographs along the way.

- Sheila Regan, City Pages


Picoult sings a new song

Picoult, known for her social-issue themes, pits fundamentalists against a lesbian couple in this novel about the rights of gay parents.


Young Austin, Minn., author finds fame -- and fortune -- publishing her work online

Amanda Hocking, 26, has enjoyed sudden success, earning somewhere between $1.4 million and $2 million, she says

- Tad Vezner, Pioneer Press


Day of Irish Dance at Landmark Center

St. Patrick's day is close upon us, and for anyone looking for more than a kiss and some green beer, St. Paul's Landmark Center will be thumping with the sounds of Irish music and dancing.

- Coco Mault, City Pages


Out of the past: 'Rango' and 'Take Me Home Tonight'

A look at the 'acid western' and '80s romantic comedies.

- Max Sparber,


Lady Gaga dumps Target over anti-gay donations

Well, that didn't last long.

- Andrea Swensson, City Pages

Bob Dylan gets the green light to play China

After being barred from performing in China by the Ministry of Culture last year for unknown reasons, Bob Dylan has received the go-ahead to perform two dates in April.

- Andrea Swensson, City Pages

Michael Jackson headed to Target Center (sort of)

Cirque du Solei is bringing the late singer's memory out on the road in "The Immortal Tour."


Mike Starr of Alice in Chains dead at 44Starr had been publicly battling with drug addiction for the past few years.

- Andrea Swensson, City Pages


An effectively campy, creepy "Cabaret" from Frank Theatre

A seductive evening at the Kit Kat Club is provided by Frank Theatre's production of Cabaret.

- Bev Wolfe, TC Daily Planet

Dido thwarted by the madness of mythic love

For all its virtues, Theatre Pro Rata's Dido, Queen of Carthage proves too inconsistent to build the tension needed for the play's heartrending final act.

- Brad Richason,

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