Notes in the Margins: Spare time, church-and-state, Mac vs. PC

California community colleges to slash enrollment, classes With state budget talks halted, the 112-campus system faces an $800-million cut in funding for the coming school year. The system may have to enroll 400,000 fewer students. Chancellor Jack Scott calls the situation a tragedy for students. (Los Angeles Times)

Admission rate tightens at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton Admission rates hit historic lows last year at top colleges. Will history repeat? (The Washington Post)

Spare time, drinking factors into school performance Alongside time spent studying outside of class, alcohol consumption is the most significant predictor of a student's grade point average. (USA Today)

Some Rabbinical Students to Get State Tuition Aid The state budget plan calls for 10 percent cuts in aid to public colleges and universities, but it would add about $18 million a year in tuition assistance for students attending some private religious schools. Some opponents of the rule changes have said they violate the spirit, if not the letter, of the Constitution. (The New York Times)

Wesleyan President: A College Education: It's Not a Product; It's a Platform Microsoft founder Bill Gates has called for a targeted investment in the sciences and engineering, while the Apple CEO Steve Jobs has talked about the importance of the arts, humanities and design for the success of his company. So what is education, PC or Mac? (The Huffington Post)

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