Monday news and reviews


Treehouse Records, Uptown Bulldog threatened by Lyndale Ave fire

A basement fire broke out beneath the Lyndale Grocery & Deli after midnight on Sunday night, drawing Uptown residents out onto the streets to gawk and worry over the well-being of the grocery store and its neighboring businesses -- the Bulldog restaurant and bar, plus Treehouse Records, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

- Andrea Swensson, City Pages

Review: Bach's B Minor Mass needs no adornment

VocalEssence's thrilling reading was paired with filmmaker Bastian Cleve's life's work, a mixed blessing

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Dom at the 7th Street Entry: So sexy

On the basis of everything I believe in, I should loathe Dom. They thrive on a steady diet of acid while on tour. The guitarist thrusts his axe in the air whilst soloing, all the better to show nasty hos who's boss. Their leader, the eponymous Dom, doesn't share his last name with anyone, thus creating a whole "media persona" that helps them sell records. Dom wears a goddamn trucker hat while on stage. Inside, my moral standing is cringing.

- Alex Gaterud, TC Daily Planet

Ultramodern recording Local pop-punk duo is first known to have created an album on the iPad

When Apple released an iPad-based version of its GarageBand music-authoring software last month, it was only a matter of time before a band recorded an album using the app's on-screen instruments. "Underwear Party" is, apparently, that album.

- Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Pioneer Press


Theater review: Jungle's 'Next Fall' is much more than a comedy

There are times early in "Next Fall" when you might think that you're viewing a live-action sitcom full of stock characters and repartee designed to elicit belly laughs. But stick with Geoffrey Nauffts' play and you'll find it takes you to much deeper places.

- Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

Lamb Lays With Lion spit "Feminine Venom" at Nick and Eddie

Feminine Venom is one of the season's funniest little shows: both funny-peculiar and funny-ha-ha.

- Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet